Welcome to the Financial Navigation Program

Cincinnati Cancer Advisors (CCA) patient support hotline is a further extension of CCA’s commitment to provide free consultative oncology services to cancer patients in the Greater Cincinnati area.  In addition to a free second opinion from an expert medical oncologist, patients with all cancer types can receive free navigation assistance with financial and practical concerns through CCA’s innovative partnership with the Patient Advocate Foundation. 

If you have received care provided by CCA or have been otherwise referred by CCA, please call one of our professional case managers at (866) 951-7505 or complete the form here to get started.


“Dr. Leming has the reputation as being the absolute melanoma guru in the Cincinnati area.  The oncologist I was seeing guided me through a successful recovery from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and did an outstanding job, but melanoma is not his specialty and when you are faced with a life-threatening condition, you want the “best.”  My appointment with Dr. Leming did not disappoint as he and his nurse practitioner Jill spent two solid hours questioning everything about my case from years ago until now.
They researched every aspect of my individual case and sent a recommendation to my oncologist on a treatment plan that was going to allow me a good chance of survival without dealing with the severe side effects of the previous treatment.  Dr. Leming and Jill are outstanding and if you know anyone with melanoma, do them a favor and send them their way.  They truly care about your life.” 

Cincinnati Cancer Advisors patient | November 2020